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Creative Writing

Creative writing is not an art for the weak-minded or the timid. It should be left to professionals who have the inborn attributes to weave words in ways that will appeal to readers.

This is what we do at Syllable Media. We get your ideas and put them to paper so you can make the impact you so desire. You may know what you want to say but cannot find the right words to express it correctly. Or you have them in your heads but you need them brought out and put on paper as you conceived them. That is no problem, as we are here to get you the right words to address your chosen audience and make them work for you.


We have a team of exceptional writers who will work hand in hand with you to develop world-class content for your personal or corporate websites, books, magazines, newsletters, journals, brochure or any of your marketing collaterals. Our advantage is that we write contents that will be unique to you and also portray the voice of your company.

We will take your content from good to better and excellent.

At Syllable Media, we assist our clients who have commitments of speaking at engagements, seminars, conference, workshops or on social media. Some of these clients have little or no time to research the topics or subjects. Most times, they do not know how to go about sourcing relevant materials to deliver the best to their audiences.  We will assist you all the way by providing you with the data and resources you need to make informed and insightful presentations.

In the corporate world, the presentation of ideas matters to succeed in business. As a result, your campaigns, business proposals, corporate profile, executive profile, service/product descriptions, cover/introduction letters, feasibility studies, business cases or webnair presentations need the professional touch to stand out.  We are here to help you with all these.

Our proofreading and copy-editing services cover thesis, dissertations, essays, reports, book manuscripts etc. We also undertake document formatting and check for plagiarism so you don’t get caught out unaware.

We offer three levels of service in this regard. They are basic proofreading, proofreading with basic editing and full editing (where there is a need to rearrange or rewrite the copy for better presentation).

We provide academic proofreading service for students, academics, research students and professors. While our business proofreading service takes the burden off the shoulders of professionals across a wide variety of different sectors and industries.

Toni Morrison said: “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it has not been written yet, then you must write it.”

Ideas are easy to generate, but putting them on paper could sometimes be arduous. Every human being has a story in to tell.  Do you have a grand idea that would like published in a book? To be honest, we all do, but it is not all of us that has the research and/or writing skills. No matter how great the idea may be, for some people, this will not move from idea to reality. Perhaps, you ave years of professional experience that you are convinced many people will benefit from and would like documented in a book.

Our ghostwriters are here to help you put the ideas on paper for you to achieve your publishing goal.  We promise to be with you from the initial stage when we put the first word on paper and the moment you open your published book.