Digital Marketing/SEO

Digital Marketing/SEO

We have a team of experienced SEO experts with years of proven track records distinguishing them from the rest of the pack.

At Syllable Media, we impact your business through targetted keyword research and Google accepted SEO tactics to boost your organic rankings in all search engines.

Email marketing is an affordable and highly effective way to generate and close business leads.

Our Plan:

  1. Building Opt-in Email List – We will work with your team to design opt-in email sign-up to contact forms on your website and other marketing channels.
  2. Design Custom and Effective Email Layouts – We will analyse your website to discover what content visitors interact with most. We will create an email template that best project your brand.
  3. Create Unique Email Content – We will identify your target audience and write content that will appeal to them.  To encourage better conversion and engagement we will run contests and giveaways.
  4. Track Your Campaigns – The team will constantly track the performance of your email campaigns to be sure the objectives are met. We will track sends and delivery rates, open and click-through rates, web visits, leads, sales, and revenue for each campaign.
  5. Test Your Campaigns – As part of the process, we will split test subject lines, send times and dates, copy and offers.

Our aim at Syllable Media is to help you be on top of the constant changes to search parameters and results. We check that your website is in line with all Google updates as they are released.  We will check your site infrastructures to ensure they comply with onsite best practices, and also solve any technical issues that can affect your website visibility on search results.

We will look behind your website to identify issues and perform fixes to improve its overall optimisation.

Among the checks that will be carried out are:

  • Page Speed Analysis (all platforms)
  • Top-Level Backlink Analysis
  • Sitemaps & URL Indexing
  • Content Development
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Benchmarking and Competitor Analysis


We will optimise your page load speeds to ensure your audiences enjoy the best possible experience on the website.


We will use modern Backlink Analysis Tool to find the link profile of your domain, including no-follow links, and check the competitors’ backlinking. We will also check to uncover new ways you can develop new links for your business.


Sitemaps are an important part of Search Engine Optimization, however, this tool is most underrated. Sitemaps serve as roadmaps for search engines to know the path to discover the treasures of your website. It makes the job of the search engine a little easy as they are pointed in the right direction to where the contents on the websites are available.


Syllable media will plan, design, implement and manage your novel and vital social media pages.

Social Media has proved to be the fastest marketing tool as the users increase by large numbers every day. It is profitable for businesses to connect with their customers and would-be customers via the media. It is a cost-effective means for businesses to put themselves out there for increased awareness of their products and services and ultimately sales.

Social media sites allow businesses to recruit a following, which makes brand recognition, the launch of new products, and behind-the-scene marketing simple. If you gain 100 followers on your a social media page, then 100 people are consistently seeing your business product or service. This makes social media extremely effective to reach a targetted audience.

We will ensure:

  • Create awareness about your new business and generate leads for you.
  • Establish and maintain constant interaction with people in your network, among whom can be potential customers.
  • Create strategic content to give you more power over search engine optimization.

Our goal is to create campaigns that increase leads and drive sales for our clients. we will find the best traffic and lowest cost-per-click from Google and Bing. You can rest assured we will get you results that will make your competitors look mediocre.


  1. We will identify different ways consumers can find your business. We will explore your target locations,  and which devices you would like to optimise for your campaign.
  2. Keyword Research – Our team will research relevant keywords for your business. We will look at Google’s competition metrics to ensure you are not using keywords that are too competitive.
  3. PPC Text Ads – Syllable Media will write informative text ads that deliver to your target audience and attract potential business.
  4. Get Your Account Running – The final step will be to get your account up and running in no time. The keywords and text ads will be uploaded to the Google Adwords interface. We won’t abandon you to your own device, as we will ensure proper tracking is in place to monitor conversions on the website.

Syllable Media runs paid social media ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We will target your audience, create professional adverts for your campaign and ensure your budget is optimised for maximum gain.

With over 1.5 billion users visiting Facebook every day and millions logged onto Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest etc, there is no better medium to reach your targetted audience. We will work with you to increase your page likes, brand awareness, sales and more other goals.

Social media’s growing influence makes it the most effective to identify with customers. We will assist you in the journey to achieve this.